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Bank of America Reviews

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  • Bad Customer Service

    Our branch has about 8 teller windows, but it seems that the bank only has 2 to 3 tellers at obe time, and as a result, the line is horrible. It appears as though the bank manager always approaches the line of people trying to force them to go and use the ATM, and if some of the people choose not to, she makes rude comments (I.e. "You will just have to stand in line then!" This bank services a large area and its mostly middle age to elderly customers who would rather utilize a teller. Its a shame that bank of america doesnt seem to care about their customers. 8701 Western Ave,... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    BobHenny's Picture   BobHenny    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Company!!

    I recently went into this location and presented my debit card that has my name and "Bank of America" on it. I was trying to get some general customer service, but instead they treated me like something on the bottom of their shoe they had stepped in. They said I am not a Bank of America customer. What? I am holding a debit card and have used it on a daily or weekly basis for years! They said "we sell our name and logo to other companies. Therefore you are NOT our customer." They were horribly rude and acted like I was an outsider and not allowed in their gang. I am only... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    ssssddddssss's Picture   ssssddddssss    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bank Of America

    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    LOLLIEJEAN's Picture   LOLLIEJEAN    0 Comments   Comments
  • BOA holding our insurance money

    We lost our home to a fire on 10/31/13. Our insurance claim from State Farm had to be sent to BOA. It has been 7 months of heartache to work with the property claims department of BOA. From the beginning we were never told the correct information as to what documents they needed from us. Every time we call, we are speaking to a different person who has different information. We can't ever contact the same person and they don't return phone calls when they say they will. It takes over 30 days to get installments paid so that we can pay our builder. The only thing holding us... More...
    (Repair Services)
    erlr4906's Picture   erlr4906    0 Comments   Comments
  • mortgage loan

    I have been dealing with this issue for 2 years and have not gotten any cooperation from Bank of America. I made an extra payment about 2 years ago that was suppose to be applied to the next month so that all the payments that followed would also be about 30 days early to reduce finance charges. It was incorrectly applied by one of their employees. I have spent many hours on the phone and have sent in extra money more than once and this error has still not been taken care of. I have talked to reg employees who call me and I have contacted the business and asked to talk to general managers.... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    boahater1's Picture   boahater1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Service

    I went to the O'Connor branch of B of A in Irving, TX. I was told to wait until someone got free. I waited 20 minutes although every person was on a computer and not the phone. Finally one person gets up and since I am the only person waiting, I stand assuming she is going to finally help me. At that time, a lady walks in the front door and runs up to her. The B of A employee starts helping her. I said "excuse me, I have been waiting 20 minutes" and the employee turns to the customer and speaks Spanish and then walks away and continutes helping her. I asked the... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Worst customer service

    We have a business account with Bank of America. I frequently make deposits at a local branch. I have been to 4 separate branches, looking for one with decent customer service. It doesn't exist. All four branches are the same. Two tellers and 25 people standing in line. I have complained every time that I go in. They could care less. Usually 1 hour to make a deposit. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON'T OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH BANK OF AMERICA!!! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    MICHLYNN's Picture   MICHLYNN    0 Comments   Comments

    CHOOSE ANOTHER BANK!!! They might possible be the worst bank i've ever dealt with. Closed an old joint account with my ex husband. Later I find out it was reopened due to an autopay he set up for his own bills. (My new bank and 2 other's I contemplated joining all told me when I close an account, IT'S CLOSED! They don't reopen it for any ridiculous reasons.) Went into the bank and explained to them that I did not authorize these charges. They said too bad we don't care you are still responsible. A week later they take the money out of my personal account with them... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    jem0924's Picture   jem0924    0 Comments   Comments
  • International division

    Traveled to italy, wallet stolen. ContactedBOA international immediately. We were assured a replacement card in a couple of days. Checked on status , new person wrong information, after more than 10 phone calls, with many hang ups and dropped calls, only to have to re circle their automated system ,yet again, and speak to yet a new rep, they still had info incorrect, ended up taking a $100 cab ride to retrieve our debit card from UPS facility . Offer of emergency cash came on the 6 th day, Amex ,had us emergency cash in 5 mins, Every rep we spoke to claimed they were checking notes,... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Kmarie36's Picture   Kmarie36    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never apply for Bank of America home loan

    My contract with seller was in December 2013 (loan approved by BoA). My first inicial contact with BoA just after that. All paper work submitted to BoA on January 13. 2014, and my closing supost to be on January 30. 2014. They are wasn't able to close and we file extension. Seller approve and new closing scheduled for Febrary 20. 2014. After February 20. 2014 I paing $50 every day late fee to seller. Today is Friday March 8. 2014 and Bank of Ametica still don't know when closing going to be. Thank you BoA for put me in situation to pay over $1000 for your stupid birocracy and... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • B of A horrible money

    We are a struggling family with a small business and have had enough of ( THE BANK OF AMERICA ) . They have no problem taking the money out of your account the second you use your bankcard , but when a transaction is return by a company that has debt. your account for any reason it takes the bank a week to give your money back to you. The only reason for this we believe is to get you to use the account in the hopes its in the minus state so they can charge the now $35.00 used to be 45.00 gotcha fee. More...
    Struggler54's Picture   Struggler54    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bank of America Home Mortgage

    - Seeking to refi our 5% fixed 30 yr on $1.025M mortgage on our primary residence (only real property owned). - 3 appraisals since October, ranging from $1.725 to $1.815; equity >$700k / ~60%LTV - $800k in retirement accounts / $55k in CD account / 750 credit scores - Other debt = 2 auto loans, approx $40k total; 2 credit cards 8 years of homeownership BofA can't close on 4.25% fixed 30yr zero points after months of documentary minutia. - Don't like that I have not filed 2 full years of tax returns as a self employed attorney. - Don't understand the tax... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    WorkinMan's Picture   WorkinMan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Closure of Drive Thru Teller Window

    The drive thru teller window was closed at my neighborhood branch several months ago located at Forest Hill-Westover Branch in Richmond, VA. It is hazardous and unsafe to walk from the parking lot across ATM traffic to the bank entrance. Closure of this service is also discriminatory to elderly and disabled as there is only 1 parking space for handicapped and the area is difficult to navigate. I have complained to the staff at the branch, to the manager, and to his customer relations manager (she did not even bother to call me back). Rationale for closure given to me ranges from a lot... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    cricket14's Picture   cricket14    1 Comments   Comments

    I tried to access my account online today and received a message that my account was not open, despite having just received email notification that my statement was available. I called customer service and found out that a merchant had a "mass compromise of card data" and that my online access was cut off until I received a new card. First I'm told that I would get the new card December 3 and that I would not be able to access my account OR shop online with the card until then. I had to wait to speak to a manager to find out that I could use the card, but just not access... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    tony11727's Picture   tony11727    0 Comments   Comments
  • mortgage-was told I was modified only to not be ........5 years of trying

    Home loan for 10 plus years with BOA.. tried for a modification, Nov 2008.. Was told after a 2 hour answering of questions that I qualified and would be receiving paperwork. Received PW, signed and sent in new payment only to be told we have no record of a modification. Filled out the modification paperwork atleast 15 times or more, over nighted them and did all I was asked to do. Finally I was forced into a short sale that BOA drug out for 15 months and the buyer backed out. I have contacted my Mayor, Senator, BOA president, and HOPE hotline, NO HELP!!!! I was forced out of my home... More...
    vixend330's Picture   vixend330    1 Comments   Comments
  • Mortgage (line of credit) Extension

    We had placed literally 50 phone calls to BAC and talked to over 15 different people. When greeted with an answering machine, most calls were not returned. Phone meetings were scheduled but the BAC rep did NOT call! My husband would sit at home all day waiting for the phone call that never came. He had many other things to do but it was THAT important. We were transferred from place to place. Of course with each new person, we would have to start all over again explaining the situation. We mailed or faxed more than 200 pieces of paper for documentation (you can tell this company is... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    ekx1's Picture   ekx1    0 Comments   Comments
  • BankAmeriDeals

    Used the Holiday Inn deal recently. Thoroughly read all of the fine print, as some deals have different stipulations. This had NO maximum (we were surprised buy this). You could only use it one time and it was for a short period of time. We spend $1500 and were supposed to receive 10%. When the pending deal showed only $50, I called. The representative read through the deal and also saw NO maximum purchase. She said that her computer showed "Amount pending" so she thought perhaps the amount would reflect $150 once it posts. She transferred me to a specialty agent who verified that... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    LaMaz's Picture   LaMaz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor business practice

    While on an Alaskan Airlines flight last Dec. the flight attendants passed out an application for Alaskan Airlines mileage credit card. The flight attendant said the card would include 25,000 bonus miles and a free annual companion fare. I filled out the application and in Jan. received my B of A Alaskan Airlines card. I recently tried to use the card to make flight reservations for a trip and found it did not have those benefits at all. I contacted Alaskan who told me to contact B of A. I was able to apply for the correct card, a "signature" card, but was told the bonus miles... More...
    Pcrock57's Picture   Pcrock57    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bank Of America - Mr. Obama, pls pls HELP !!!

    My Dearest Friend in the world, a lady called Donita living in San Diego is 79 years old and about to loose EVERYTHING. She has already lost her business due to the economic downturn. Bank Of America is foreclosing on her home after qualifiying for a loan modification, and other two programs of BA. BA have rejected and refuse to help her. REASON PUT IN WRITING FROM BA: REJECTED BECAUSE THEY CANNOT REACH HER AND PAPERWORK SENT IN IS INCOMPLETE. Never ever once was a msg left on home, work or cell phone. Paperwork sent 4 times registered post. PLEASE MR. OBAMA, PLEASE HELP US !! DONITA... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    RUGGEDGC's Picture   RUGGEDGC    0 Comments   Comments
  • BankAmeriDeals: Never got my cashback

    I signed up for the 15% cashback (Max: $500) BankAmeriDeal for Patagonia on the BoA website. I made a $2000 purchase with Patagonia shortly thereafter while the deal was still active. I never received even a dime cashback. I called customer service who brilliantly replied it was because I had spent more than 500 dollars on the transaction thus making it ineligible. 5 transfers later and about 90 minutes later, I still had gotten nowhere and never received the 90 dollars cashback that I had signed up for. What a scam. I recommend boycotting BoA credit cards if you have the option. I... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    99reeldeals's Picture   99reeldeals    3 Comments   Comments
  • Modification-Predatory Lending Practices

    Bank of America is both predatory and an unethical institution. They have only one agenda, to target the exact people they are supposedly trying to help. There is not an incentive for them to preform modifications because if you have PMI and you have made payments on your home for several years it is in their best interest to foreclose on the home so they actually are making more money than if they were to reduce your interest rate. Plus they are pocketing what monies you put down to secure the loan. BOA has one agenda, to take your home but also mislead you by saying that they are running... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    sabrinamoya's Picture   sabrinamoya    0 Comments   Comments
  • BOA complicit with fraudulent tanning company

    Bank of America needs to change its policy where a wronged person must provide all evidence while the perpetrator does not to show evidence. We bought a kit from spraytan LA in October 2912. There was a verbal phone agreement for an item for sale on craig's list. If the sale was agreed to on the spot the item would cost $1000. less. There was no email sent to buyer confirming the sale. There was no packing papers in box with contract. 14 days were usual return time, but package did not arrive in 14 days. When credit card charges arrived, spraytan LA had over charged by $2900.... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    joypau30's Picture   joypau30    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bank of America Service

    Absolutely the worst service I have ever had by any business anywhere. 1. Asked for my same debit card number and was told that was possible and then received a new debit card with a different number. When I tried to call any number anywhere that had to do with customer service, I was connected to my account information. Ridiculously hard to get an actual person on the phone. Even if it was not possible I believe I deserve an explanation or could have been warned in advance. 2. Was not told about $5.00 fee to get new debit card. Understand that would cover the cost to make the thing... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    bmueller's Picture   bmueller    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bank of America, short sale nightmare

    We are trying to purchase a short sale home through Bank of America. We had to move out of our home on Jan. 1st and put a bid in on the home in question the same day. The owners accepted the bid and we were told that the bank was working with them and we should hear something soon. I own a small business and we needed to rent two storage units and a home but expected to hear about approval fairly soon. It's now going on four months and we have been told for weeks that everything is completed except one signature but still nothing. We now find ourselves having to move again for who... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    scooter3334's Picture   scooter3334    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bank of America unethical practices by assets mortgage department

    On February 15, 2013 an assets manager for Bank Of America called my husband and told him that they were not going to put the house we were interested in for auction. She went on to tell him that we just had to amend our last offer and that they would take the asking price. We got approved for the loan and met up with the real estate agent to change the paperwork that same day. On February 22, 2013 we got a phone call from our agent stating that the bank had changed their mind and the house was going up for auction. This was a dream home for us and we did as we were told by the bank. Where... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    admendez's Picture   admendez    2 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service 1-800-732-9194 (Avrey Id 51249)

    I call bank of american customer service today regarding my credit card. I had to pay something with credit card by today, so yesterday, I went to my bank of america account to transfer fund directly to my credit card so I could use fund right away. When I did the transfer, bank took money out from my bank account right away, but my credit card was in processing the credit and they are not available until Monday. I call them to if they could transfer back the money so I could use to the found, but they say no it could not be done. So where is my money now? Anyway, I call the customer... More...
    schae's Picture   schae    0 Comments   Comments
  • unpleasant experience about the consumer care

    i was calling for get my online ID back. the first time i wait 20-30 minutes, but it was good, the guy helped me nicely, and everything i provided was right my address, date of birth. i am appreciate. He give my online ID back. then i find out i forget my online password too.i called again, and it spend me another 30 minutes. it ok, i can wait. A girl helped me, when she heard i forget my online password and security questions, she make me feel that she is disappointed than me. after i give her all me information, she told me she can't do anthing, beacuse my information is... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    douge28's Picture   douge28    0 Comments   Comments
  • bank of america property claim fraud!!!

    Bank of America is the most shameful company I have dealt with. Since October 2012 I have been fighting with bank of america to return my insurance check to repair my property. I have used every dollar I had saved to repair the water damage to my home. I have called over 40 times, and faxed and resent paperwork twice a week. The story changes every time I call. The so called supervisors dont know a thing to resolve and get anything handled. They sent someone to inspect my home to verify it was completed 2 months ago and told me now they have to send someone out again to verify the repairs... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    marpont4's Picture   marpont4    0 Comments   Comments
  • Short Sales with B of A are a nightmare

    I am a realtor that work with several banks. But I have heard from everyone in the industry that B of A is the hardest company to work with regarding getting a resolution. I worked two files with B of A and they took almost one year to clear. The bank ask you to follow the agent resource center but, I think they need to review the process themselves. No one can get in touch with the negotiators no one can do anything even if you give them information needed. The voice mail states allow 2 days for reply. That's a joke. They never contact you back. I have listing that are B of A... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    rhomier's Picture   rhomier    0 Comments   Comments
  • Claims Department

    This institution has probably the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Not only do the employees lack the ability to solve problems, when you finally are able to speak to a supervisor you are spoken to very rudely and given no solution. After making a claim that was never resolved, I called to find out they had not even opened the claim because they had lost my paperwork. After re-submitting this claim and waiting 40 days (with no response) I called again and was told that there was an error and my claim was never re-opened. Nothing has been resolved and no one has made an... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    amd3510's Picture   amd3510    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bank of America lost a customer for live over a $12 fee.

    I cashed a refund check mailed to me by a multimillion dollar communications company. The check was returned as canceled. ( a mistake by the communications company, who immediately sent me a new check) Bank of America then charged me a $12 returned item fee. I called customer service to ask them why they charged me after a very reputable company's check was returned and asked them to kindly remove it from my account. The customer service rep was absolutely no help, so I asked for the highest supervisor available. The supervisor (who by the way was very rude) then proceeded to tell... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    bradshaj's Picture   bradshaj    0 Comments   Comments

    I'm appalled at the utter incompetency of this major institution. Over one year ago I contacted Bank of America to discuss modification of my mortgage after my divorce. After months of submitting and resubmitting various paperwork, they told me in June 2012 that I was approved to enter into a "trial period". I had to pay this lower modified amount for three months and everything should be fine. I did so, meanwhile there records reflect that I'm behind on my payments because I'm not making the normal mortgage payments. I've never been late in 15 years and... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    jeanwin23's Picture   jeanwin23    0 Comments   Comments
  • property claims

    Worse company EVER!!! I have been waiting for some funding from insurance claim due to hurricane. I had almost $20k in damages. I have received insurance check in October 2012, to this date, 1-21-2013, I have not got a single penny back from BAC. I have been getting the run around since October 2012. I recently contacted them and told them that they would NOT be getting my montly note until I got some or all of my insurance money so I can start repairs to my property, including my damaged roof!!!! They are the worst bank in the f*^king United States. My next thing is filing a lawsuit... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    scn3212's Picture   scn3212    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bank of America aids fraud

    Bank of America has become the scum of the earth in my eyes. I will begin to actively make public the number of ways you have aided to drain an elderly couple of all their money and possessions. First, my elderly parents own a house at the shore. They were sitting on their front porch minding their own business when a shyster stopped by off the street and talked them into a reverse mortgage. Second and most unbelievable, yesterday someone called pretending to be their granddaughter and talked them into wiring 10 thousand dollars for"bail" money. Your bank helped them to do that.... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    suhall's Picture   suhall    1 Comments   Comments
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