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Bank of America Complaint - Bank of America customer service Mortgage Department - REFINANCE DEPT.
Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint


Bank of America customer service Mortgage Department - REFINANCE DEPT.

I started my refinance on my home 2/16/09 today is 4/21/09 still waiting to sign paper work. I have been banking with Bank Of America for the last 7 years and thought I would get treated good. I thought wrong and as soon as we get our loan done I am closing our accounts out..I am done with the Bank Of America ! ! ! No wonder they are in trouble they deserve it ! ! No service.. never return phone calls or emails...I don't recommend BOFA to anyone. Wells Fargo here I come and I hope they are better.

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Dianetutor says: (4 years ago)
Having been customers of BOA for over 20 years...I think you should listed to the recording of my telephone conversation with David Haynes regarding a notice I received on late payment. This guy was yelling, obnoxious, and unconcerned... He also tried to threaten me when I told him to close every account we had. I had expected more from BOA and I do not agree with how accounts are handled.
may all of our long held accounts (always paid in full and now closed) be a reminder of customer loyalty

Matth401 says: (4 years ago)
I have been your customer for 17 years- never a problem

Just took me 40 minutes for talk to customer service and has a very nasty manager tell me no his problem they are busy

You just lost a very long term (Good customer)

madmoney says: (5 years ago)
Bank of America is adding another penalty after 5 day overdrafts this is besides the $35 initial penalty. They know full well that the majority gets paid every 14 days.If a person had an emergency on saturday he/she would be penalized for the overdraft at $35 and then, since the bank hopes,that person would be charged another $35 fee. This only show the continuing scam that BOA indulges in. This goes right along with their mortage scheme/scam. I will be closing my account today. I suggest that everyone do the same. I can not contact a department or person to complain to. Their complaint system only allows 2/3rds of the complaint account form. this makes it impossible to contact any one of importance, Even this complaint/review system is a vent source for us, and never reaches anyone but a recycling computer.

emcdonald2 says: (7 years ago)
Bank of America customer service Mortgage Department Refinance Dept.

February 4, 2012

Subject: Complaint on making home affordable & refinance

I started my making home affordable on my home 2/19/09 and it was denied 4/21/09 i tired re-financing and it too was denied because i do not have sufficient income, i am on s’s $540.00 monthly but my husband receive $5499.00 monthly from military retirement and disability & social security. i have been banking with Bank of America for the last 12 years and thought i would get help or treated good. I gest i thought wrong! I am seeking to do business with Wells Fargo and I hope they con do better. “all we are asking for is a little help lowing the interest rate”

Edward & Sylvia McDonald
9450 Fair point San Antonio TX, 78250
(210) 887-4046

mrbowers2 says: (7 years ago)
Beware of doing any business with Bank of America, I had a account with these people for over 20 yrs. Their security and fraud department is a joke. I had over $90,000.00 stolen from me, they had the criminals on video and not once did they check the signature card. When this was reported to the Fraud office in Oklahoma city they gave me the run around. Debbie Benton did nothing to help me get my money back. I should have known something was wrong with this bank, when the U.S. Army quit using them.

Barbierella says: (7 years ago)
I had a mortgage with B of A and received numerous letters about lowering my interest rate. I called and they told me they couldn't help me. I started the refi process with a different bank. When B of A got the payoff request, I got another letter telling me to call and they would give me a better deal. I called. I was promised a no-paperwork loan with lower interest rate. I dropped the other refi. Then I was told by B of A that I would have to submit paperwork after all. I was also told I would have to get yet another appraisal on my home, even though I had just had an appraisal done for the other company.

The B of A's appraiser gave me an appraisal of almost $200,000 lower than the previous appraisal, done less than 2 months previous. Not only was the value ridiculous, but it also meant I would have to pay PMI.

I called B of A and told them I would not continue with the new loan if they insisted on that value. I was told they would not raise the value. I dropped the loan app. They tried to make me pay a penalty but I read them their own documentation, saying that I did not have to do so.

I also told them I would obtain a refi asap that would NOT be with B of A, and that I would never again bank with B of A for anything.

I got the other refi with a second company, AT the higher value.

I believe I was lied to by B of A to keep me with them, and to force me to pay PMI.

If there is a class action lawsuit for this type of situation, I would be very interested in learning of it here.

pastcustomer says: (8 years ago)
I started my refi on 6/3/10 with Bank of America....still no sign of the loan closing...no return phone calls, my emails are ignored. Even the manager of the loan officer handling my loans has not returned my emails. I've been banking with B of A for over 20 years....After this is over, i'll be taking everything out of that place and switching to a different bank..one that offers customer service!

debbit says: (8 years ago)
Boy I'm with you. We started our refinance on March 31, 2010. We are FINALLY closing today, July 14, 2010. Once they lock you in, you never hear from them. And...since we locked our rate in back in March, the rates had lowered. As soon as we sign the closing papers, we, too, are moving our monies. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bank of America. Shame on you!

DumpBofA says: (9 years ago)
Same issue. They have charged me a $580 fee and then disappeared. After about 5 months I tracked down the sales rep who had contacted me. He's working somewhere else and told me my application was turned down and "they" should have informed me.

I am going to chase them and get my money back. But meanwhile, I have found a better loan with a local bank and most likely will close in 2 weeks.

My advice: take your banking business somewhere else - preferably a local bank that still cares. Any business that cares so little about its customers does not deserve to be around - no matter how big.

sunshine123456789 says: (9 years ago)
In a word about customer service .... it "stinks."

jrjr says: (9 years ago)
Same issue..started in Dec 2009..approved for refinance...no package has ever shown up.no return calls or emails..escalated to Corporate..and THEY have responded either..but very quick to take the upfront appraisal fee..i have been with BOA for over 20 years and mortgage two homes..with not 1 late payment in all of those years, and I too thought I would get the service that is deserved...Have requested today that they stop my refinance requests and looking to see if in fact that refund my appraisal fee..Does anyone know of BOA contacts for these issues that will actually acknowledge you??

hatebac says: (9 years ago)
Be thankful that Bank Of America AKA the "World", since they hire other countries to harrass their customers didn't get a hold on you! We get a call each month around the 4th from India no less, telling me they are the "debt collector" and the call is being recorded and when am I going to pay my late debt. When I explain that I have a grace period until the 16th and I am not late until that date and please do not call me from India and bother me and why do you have my personal information anyway? I really do not appreciate my personal info being sent all over the world without my knowledge and I do not need to be called and harrassed....

Star says: (9 years ago)
I have a home loan with Countrywide, who have now been acquired by Bank of America. I had to call Bank of America for TWO continuious days before someone helped me. All I needed was a simple answer to a question that I had about my home loan insurance. They kept transfering me to areas that couldn't help me, and they repeatedly gave me the wrong phone numbers to the area that I needed my question answered. I have never in my lifetime seen service as awful as theirs. (and I have seen some bad service.) I don't know how that they stay in business with such awful Customer Service. They require you to make your payment every month on time, but if you need their service, you will get nothing but the run around. If anybody is looking to get a home loan, I will advise you not to go through Bank of America. You will be sorry!

armcal29 says: (9 years ago)
And I thought it was just me!, started in April, low and behold it is cancelled in Oct, and nobody returns calls or emails, not even the supposed supervisors, just a bunch of chicken shits, class action suit? count me in.

BofASucks says: (9 years ago)
Watch out they will suddenly cancel your loan. I waited for 6 months then mailed them my Q3 financial statements on October 23rd, their loan cancellation letter crossed in the mail. They won't return my calls, this will get ugly I am not going away.

PhilliesFan says: (9 years ago)
Same here. Started my refinance process in April. I was told since I already had my original mortgage with Countrywide, now Bank of America, I would be on their fast track to refinance. What a joke! It is now October. I can't tell you how many times I had to re-submit the same paper work over and over again. In July, I was contacted and told a notary would be sent to my house to sign the papers. That was the last I heard from them. Now, I am being asked to re-submit, pay stubs, declaration of insurance, which I have sent three times, social security award letter for my disabled son, and bank checking account statements. The reason, it has taken so long, they have to redo the paperwork. This whole thing is absurd. I am beginning to think this whole process is a scam.

They are treating the hard working mman that pays his or her bills like liers and cheats, when it is them, the big banks and insurance companies that cheated and lied our country into devistation. We the tax payers bailing them out...again, what a joke.

adnil says: (9 years ago)
I got the same run around as all of you. Started the refi from hell in May and when I didn't close in August I went to the local BofA with all my emails and all of your emails and asked for help. I just closed 9/16/09 with the help of the branch manager. Go to as many branches as necessary to get help from the bank that advertises "Bank of America the Bank you can trust" Good Luck!!!

lividinfl says: (9 years ago)
BOA SUCKS! My wife filed Chap 7 (I didn't) so they canceled my online access to my mortgage payment. They said "it's policy" when someone in a home they finance files bankruptcy, even though it may not be the person paying the mortgage. Then they charged me $15 for a bank statement I requested. And I can't move my loan because I'm underwater.

gchiapp135 says: (9 years ago)
Bank of America is a horrible institution that should just be shut down. My refi was canceled without notification from BofA. The way I found out was a refund appeared on my account of the "non-refundable" $400 I paid when I started the refi process in March 2009. After months of not hearing from anyone...they canceled my refi. They simply let my rate expire without any care. Hell, they weren't affected. No one called back when I left voice mail messages. Not even a Branch Manager had the courtesy to call back. They took all of my personal information, lead me on to believe I would be able to save money, and left me high and dry. No one can find my refi paperwork. After speaking with about 14 different and EXTREMELY RUDE people (one person was so nice...he informed me that Arizona and Texas are two different states and that there is this thing called the Internet and I can do my own research and look up rates there) I was told "just call up another Sales Person and start the process again." Did I mention that my information / paperwork floated around 6 different branches and 2 different states? Oh...and because of BofA's super secure banking system no one has access to my refi status. No one could tell me where any of my personal information went because they don't have access to canceled files. So I am left with my personal information roaming around BofA and a refi that was canceled without my notice after 120 days. Will Obama listen? This is just ridiculous!!!

MelissaMz1975 says: (9 years ago)
I have been a Bank of america costomer for two years. They have stop military checking accounts.The are switching them to basic checking. This would be fine except they keep losing our pay checks and returing online payments.They do not forget to charge us overdraft fees.They do apoligize for the mistakes . To day I recived a check from Toyota issued by Bank of america to me and when I went to cash it beacuse Bank of america was the issuing bank a very rude teller Gloria on Southwest Dr in Abilene TX said that I had to cash it on my account.Lets not forget they still have not found all of pay that was direct deposit Friday! Do your self a favor just dont.Luck for me Bank of America is not the only bank in Abilene. I drove down the road to First Financal Bank and open a new account.By the way first finacncal was one of a very few banks to report profits this year and the customer service was wonderful

efunny27 says: (9 years ago)
Has anybody resolved their refinancing. I am going through the same process and was charged $400 in May. I am looking for the name of BOA official to write a complaint. Has anybody taken any steps to bring this to regulatory attention.

ScottS says: (9 years ago)
Chalk up another customer that has been waiting WAY longer than the 45 days they promised. I started the refi process on April 15th, they promised a close by May 28th. This is July 17th and still "another 3 weeks" They were quick to take the money.. but, unless they have 4 people processing loans there is NO EXCUSE! I was a countrywide customer until BOFA bought them out... I have No idea what to do now. The rates are back up.. and its pointless to go with another company..

ToniMarie says: (9 years ago)
I agree one hundred percent, I am two months into my refi and no one returns my calls, now they tell me it is going to be another 45 days, maybe if I am lucky, and I PAID them 400 dollars to process this, they said if I cancel I can't get my money back. I am writing to Obama.

citylife says: (9 years ago)

they are a bunch of dispicable crooks. If anyone is interested in starting a class action suit and is experiencing the same thing I am, please reply to this site- this is fraud! Signed Citylife

shejosjerada says: (10 years ago)
We started the paperwork in Jan 2009 and it is June 2009 and still have not completed ther refinancing. I talk or email twice a week and the same thing. Almost done just the underwriters have to complete the rest of the paperwork. Well I have done this twice before and never has it taken more than 1 month. This company or is it the idoit I am dealing with sucks.

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